time ticks and turns, relationships ebb and flow, people come and go. there’s a quiet certainty to all of this, a tempo that’s consistent and dependable, even at the times when it hurts. we continue on, keeping time with our heartbeats and counting the steps each time our feet touch the ground. 

we are very little. we haven’t the time to be unhappy. we must continually find ways to keep in time with the way the rest of the universe moves; we have to adjust, adapt, make changes to the original plan, and remain wholeheartedly committed in our pursuit of ecstasy. there is no space for abuse or negativity, no time to be wasted on people who don’t deserve us, no room in the body each of us is trying tirelessly to create for a broken heart.  

it’s a tiny thing, this one little life we’ve each been given. it is our responsibility and our incredible pleasure to make it as big and bright as we possibly can.