on my way home from the burial, all I could think was how lucky we all are to have each other. the air was thick with love and sorrow, and raindrops fell lightly while we held onto each other tightly and prayed for the hurt to lift from our hearts. it will take time and patience, diligence and compassion. we promised to to honor peter through our actions, remembering that first of all, as he always was, we must be kind. it has been a hard weekend. I watched the members of my family bravely come together and fight hard to press on, all the while looking to the mountains where peter surely was watching. phone numbers were exchanged and connections were strengthened. tribulations of the past were left behind. we came together and held each other and remembered my cousin, the gentle and kindhearted man we lost far too soon. i think he was smiling at us up there on that mountain today with eyes that were clear and shining, unobstructed for the first time in years.

i think he was smiling.