the most beautiful love letter i’ve ever read was written by r’s grandfather. he lives in sweden and only speaks a little bit of english but is one of r’s biggest supporters— his love, so apparent and unconditional, just bursts through his clearly carefully chosen words.

a perfect example: upon seeing the first pictures of our brand new french bulldog puppy, morfar (swedish for grandfather) posted the following on my very expensive guitar-collecting boyfriend’s facebook wall:

"That dog likes guitars. To eat them."

i laughed for about a year. from a continent away and across a language barrier, i laughed out loud. the following is the letter Morfar wrote after hearing r’s first full record was released in february. i call it “the best grandfather in the universe."

subject: Mudfoot

Thank’s Robbie. I like you Music and your song. I can’t understand all words. but it sounds good. Giv the boy’s in the group my best regards. I have been listening more than a second. I have been listening a lot of times     Morfar.

has there ever been a sweeter declaration of support? of love? it brings tears to my eyes every time i read it.